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Splinter cell pandora tomorrow pc walkthrough

Once the update lights are out, go through the door on the left, and you tuneup should see a guard head into the room on the right, windows where you need.
A third guy will come running.You can sneak quickly inside as soon as the close guard has his back to tuneup you.Don't bother using it for anything other than a headshot.When they finish talking, the first guard will walk framework away, and the one in the hut will have his back to bear you.Wait until the one on the left isn't looking, and cam-jam the other one as you make your way around to the right, into the right-hand elevator.It's easy enough to isolate and shoot them, but that's not sneaky enough for.You can leave installer them right tuneup in the middle of a hall if you want, as long as they're in the dark.Turn the gigantic red switch near the door.You can drop off tamil here if you want, and make your way to the left on foot after the man has emerged from that area, hair but it is easier offline to shimmy around the corner, then drop to a lower ledge.You can also turn off the generator, but this doesn't seem to accomplish much.You can just sneak right through here to the next room, or you can lay out the guard since he's not facing you, and never moves.He does occasionally look to his sides, and he can spot you.If you have the manual, read it, and check the little hint offline panels throughout internet the level.Use the Ninja Turn to pass the door.Go into laser mode, and quickly shoot the terrorist in the back of the head, then the light saga above him, and the light above the exit. Clear the outside area the same as you did coming in, then creep down the street.
Next, snipe the drinker.
You explorer don't have to follow Ingrid closely.