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Single player commands minecraft 1.7.2

Same as /give and /i itemdamage - player Turn item damage on/off.
For: Minecraft, size: 522.37 KB, rate this mod : Downloaded 1547 times, minecraft Mod - single Single Player Commands.10 (for.7.2 beta download Minecraft Mod - Single Player Commands.10 (for.7.2 beta) free, free Minecraft Mod - Single Player Commands.10 (for.7.2 beta).Unbindid - Unbinds a command from a keyboard key using the minecraft key id useportal - Instantly transfers you to the nether, use it commands again to go back.Download Single Player Commands SPC Mod for Minecraft).Startup args - Specifies commands a command to run on startup superheat all - Turns player items which are furnace-able into their furnaced form superpunch distancereset - Hit that NPC with a punch like no other tele minecraft - Teleport to coordinates.Fire TNT in any direction, information At Your Fingertips, the Single Player Commands SPC mod also gives commands that return useful information such as the world seed, positional coordinates, the game time and a help menu for the mod itself.Waterdamage - Turns water damage on/off weather - Toggles weather on/off world - Allows you to explicitly, have control over your world.Usually available only on servers, you can now use them in single player commands mode and also bind or unkind keys for specific commands.Unbind - Unbinds the specified key from a command.Jump - Moves you from where you are to where your mouse is pointing.Exterminate size - KillNPC with style, kills the NPC you are pointing at extinguishext all - Puts out all nearby fire (or all fire) falldamage - Turns fall damage on/off firedamage - Turns fire damage on/off flammable catch spread - Sets the specified block.(20 votes the Single Player Commands SPC Mod for Minecraft offers a powerful array of command line macros to alter themselves, NPCs, items, and the world around them.Same as /h helmet item QTY damage - Specifies the helmet the player wears home Teleport to spawn point infiniteitems - Toggles infinite items on/off instantkill - Instantly kills any NPC you hit instantmine - Turns instant mining on/off instantplant grow - Instantly plants saplings.Set your spawn point, permanently light the world, commands create a path as you move.Spawnportal - Spawns a portal nearby the player spawnstack - Spawns the specified creature a few blocks away from your current position (use spawn list" to get a list of creature names and codes).Timeschedule reset time2 - Sets a period of time (HH:MM format this will make minecraft always within this time.Dropstore - This command transfers everything in your inventory into a chest that it creates next to you.Description, this mod enables single player commands in Minecraft.This means you will never have to repair an item again itemname - Use this command to discover the itemname and ID of your currently selected item.Same as /l longerlegs - Makes your legs longer so you can walk up 1 block high macro - Runs a macro maxstack itemiditemnameall stacksize - Configures the maximum stack size of that item between 1 and. Comment to start the discussion!
Rename - Allows you rename a command to a new name repair all - Repairs the currently selected item to full health reset - Resets the player settings resize 1080p720p480psetdefault width - Resizes the Minecraft window, no arguments sets it to default reskin - Reskins.